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- Future Mythology - What happens here and now is what makes history - A brand rooted in current culture with a playful mind that bridges between the street and the design discipline. A myth - a genre consisting of narratives that play a role in a society - played be gods, demigods, or supernatural humans. 

Hyacinth, the human lover of god Apollo died accidentally by a disk thrown by Apollo. No power, medicine or magic could heal the wounds made by fate. Apollo turned Hyacinth’s blood into a flower. A beautiful product of love, celebration and symbolism.


Made out of blood, tears and sweat. Created, Customized in the Lower East Side, New York City. Filling in what is missing. A comment on the present. Without taking it too seriously - you never know what it will be. 

Designed, created and produced by Tobias Ulmer, almost named HYACINTHUS - if his grandma could have convinced his mom. He is a creative director, New York resident and born in Germany.


The future is stupid. 
(Jenny Holzer, 1982)